How To Fix Kodi Streaming Error: Check The Log For More Information

Recently while streaming a movie on my kodi app i came across an error called “Check the log for more information” and i checked the log file but unable to understand anything after checking the log file.Then tried some old methods but unable to solve the issue.I was getting the same error again and again even after following some of the old methods that i know.Then after an hour of research i got perfect and on stop solution to solve this error called “check the log for more information”.

Below i have provided 2 methods that will surely solve your issue.

The first method is to clear your cache memory and purge packages and the second method is to change your device ip by using VPN.Let us discuss each method clearly

Method 1 : Clear Cache and Purge Packages 

Generally to clear cache on your device you need a free tool called ccleaner or its alternatives.But here you need not to clear your device memory but need to clear kodi app cache memory.For clearing kodi app cache you need a simple addon called “Merlin Auto Cleaner”If you have this addon already then follow the below steps or install this “Merlin Auto Cleaner” addon on your kodi app by following the below steps.

Not only to solve this error but this addon is required to do more on your kodi app.

  1. From Kodi Home Screen click on Settings > File Manager and then click on Add Source.
  2. In the link add “” and navigate down and Name it as any name let it be Merlin.
  3. Again navigate back to your kodi Home Screen and go to Addons > Packages > Install from Zip and click on Merlin.
  4. There you will get install it and then go to Install from Repository.
  5. Find Merlin Repo>Program add-ons>Merlin Auto Cleaner and click on install.
  6. Navigate back to Home Screen and click on Addons here select the Merlin Auto Cleaner Addon and open its context menu(right click) and go to settings.
  7. Here enable all the options Enable Auto CleanClean Cache on Startup and Clean Packages on Startup. And you’re done.

This addon will automatically clean your kodi app’s Cache and Purge Packages on startup.

And next restart your Kodi again and test if the error (Check the log for more information) continue to show up. If you continue to get that annoying error message even after following the above steps then follow the below method.

Solution 2: You need a VPN

If you tried the above method of clearing cache and purge and unable to solve your Check the log for more information then use vpn and change your ip  that mean you are trying to access geo-blocked content or your ISP (internet service provider) is blocking that sources because of copyright reasons.So change your ip and try to access the video.

Also check pair errors and https olpair com

How does this solve the Kodi errors?

Well, if you install the VPN software like ipvanish or cyber ghost in your devices you can easily choose desired country to where you want to browser from your IP. So if you are from USA and want to watch Europe content, you just choose your IP to USA.
But sometimes is not just about geo-location, sometimes your Internet service provider blocks some content which is restricted because of the copyright. So when you connect to the premium VPN, to any country (you can connect even to your country), you will be anonymous, so your ISP won’t be able to track what you accessing, so the content won’t be locked anymore. Total freedom!


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